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22 March 2024

With the new season incoming, and with spring being all about ‘new life’ and ‘fresh starts’ there is no better time for a business spring clean!

Over time, systems within our business can become stagnant, and with the way business is changing so rapidly these days, its important to keep up to date and make sure the systems, protocols, routine and policies we have are actually serving a purpose, instead of creating more work for ourselves. If you want something to change, you have to change something.

So here’s 3 simple steps you can take to clean up some crucial areas of business, so you can enter the new season with a spring in your business step!

When we’re trying to grow our businesses it can be easy to fall in to the trap of only looking for ‘new’ clients and custom. But often as business owners, we spend heavily on marketing and leave money on the table by neglecting the relationships we’ve already built. If you were to check your emails/WhatsApp/Instagram and ALL other correspondence with client enquiries right now, I bet there’s a good handful of clients you can pick up the conversation with to initiate more custom. A simple ‘hey how did you get on with…’ ‘if there’s anyway I can help with…’ ‘we’ve missed you…’ message, can go a long way. Letting clients that already showed interest know that you’re still there, is an important and easy way to build business, reconnect with dwindled relationships, or even fill gaps in your schedule by readdressing your systems that ensure upselling to existing clients.

Have an overhaul of your accounts and routines! Whether you are a sole trader, limited company or any kind of business owner or employed team member, there are some numbers that are just crucial. The most basic numbers you should be monitoring and making sure you have at least a monthly check in with, are; turnover, expenses, percentage of profit and average client spend. Creating a spreadsheet or layout that works for YOU to address these numbers and draw conclusions from them, is crucial for intentional business growth, rather than ‘coasting’. Some salon software systems can also help with keeping you on top of your numbers, or something as simple as making your spreadsheets more ‘pretty’ and pleasing to the eye, can give your accounts a fresh feel and get you excited and focused again.

One that doesn’t seem so obvious, but is actually more crucial than all other business decisions in my opinion. Decision making is what ultimately determines the success of your business. And all decisions you make are driven by your thoughts, emotions, and mindset. So if your mindset is not in the right place, you’ll definitely be making decisions that either don’t serve your business, or in the worst case scenario, end up costing your business.

Being a business owner requires you to actively be aware of your behaviours. So you could try this – make a list of 3 thoughts or beliefs that you have about your business, that are becoming very disempowering and not getting you closer to your goals. For example, “I’m not a good leader”, and flip them on their side to create 3 new more empowering beliefs! For example “I have what it takes to become an inspirational leader for my team or network!” With these new empowering beliefs you can start to create momentum and fun around business again and it’ll give you a fresh look on the next action you take towards your goal. Your mind is also wired to find solutions, so by creating new empowering beliefs, you tell your brain what you are looking to achieve and you’ll find a way… whether you believe the statement or not!

To boost your business attitude and spring clean your emotions a little more, you can find some free resources here:
Your business will thank you for the little clean up you’ve given it! Mine sure did!
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