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Our Vision!

Salon Manager was born out of a passion for helping hair and beauty professionals thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Our vision is to revolutionise the way salons and beauty establishments operate, providing them with a single, user-friendly platform that encompasses all aspects of business management.

At Salon Manager, we understand that the hair and beauty industry is a dynamic blend of creativity, precision, and customer care. That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive software solution tailored specifically to the unique needs of salon owners, stylists, and beauty professionals. Our mission is to empower your business with cutting-edge technology that simplifies management, enhances customer experiences, and boosts overall efficiency.


30 Years Of Experience

Why choose Salon Manager

  • Comprehensive Features: Salon Manager offers a wide range of features, including appointment scheduling, staff management, inventory tracking, customer relationship management, marketing tools, and reporting capabilities.
  • Ease of Use: Our user-friendly interface and intuitive design are essential for a salon management system. It should be easy for salon staff to navigate and use daily without requiring extensive training.
  • Customisation: Salon Manager can be customised to fit the specific needs of the salon. We understand that each salon operates differently, and our flexible system can adapt to your unique workflows and preferences.
  • Cloud-Based and Mobile Accessibility: Our cloud-based system allows access to salon data from anywhere with an internet connection, and mobile accessibility enables easy management on the go.
  • Customer Support and Training: Salon Manager offers excellent customer care and training resources to assist salon owners and staff in optimising your use of our platform.
  • Affordability and Scalability: Salon Manager offers pricing plans that align with the salon’s budget and provide room for growth. It’s also scalable to accommodate additional branches or expanding services in the future.
  • Security and Data Privacy: At Salon Manager we follows best practices for security and data privacy is critical to protect sensitive customer and business information.


Software For Life

As with any good investment, your software should continue to grow, meeting the ever-changing needs of your business. it should remain dynamic and protected against time. Our Software For Life Maintenance Policy is our commitment to accommodating the rapidly changing business environment and reflects our continual consideration of the trends and economic realities that impact your daily operations. Unlike other companies which charge for major product upgrades, we do not. We guarantee our commitment to enhancing and developing applications that best suit the long-term technology needs of our clients.

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