Boosting Salon Team Performance for the Holiday Rush: 3 Vital Training Sessions

14 November 2023

Leading hair and beauty industry trainer and CEO of the PHAB Service Stars – Nergish Wadia-Austin has published this quick checklist of training requirements every salon, spa & barbershop owner should deliver at this time of the year!

The holiday season is the busiest and most lucrative time of the year for salon, spa, and barbershop owners. Preparing your salon team effectively can make a significant positive impact on their performance results. To ensure your business thrives during this time, there are three crucial training sessions that should be implemented.

1. Product Knowledge Training: Elevating the Client
Experience In a salon or spa, product knowledge is invaluable. It empowers your team to make informed recommendations to clients and upsell retail products. During the holiday season, clients often seek advice on the best gift choices for their loved ones. Product knowledge training should cover a range of retail and tool purchases. Your staff should be well-versed in the features, benefits, and applications of the products you offer. This training equips your team to provide exceptional service and boost retail sales during the busiest time of the year.

2. Gift Wrapping Skills for Retail and Tool Purchases
Presentation matters, especially when it comes to gift-giving. Offering gift wrapping services for retail and tool purchases can set your salon or spa apart from the competition during the holidays. Training your team to wrap gifts beautifully not only enhances the overall client experience but also encourages clients to buy more. Clients will appreciate the convenience of having their purchases gift-wrapped, making your salon a one-stop destination for their holiday shopping needs.

3. Specific Sales Sentence Training: Maximising Gift Card Sale
Gift cards are a popular holiday gift choice, and salon owners should capitalise on this trend. Implement specific sales sentence training to boost gift card sales. Your staff should be trained to suggest gift cards in a way that highlights their benefits, such as versatility and personalisation. For example, a hair stylist can recommend a gift card for “a fabulous new year look,” while a nail technician might suggest one for “a year of stunning nail art.” This targeted approach can significantly increase gift card sales and enhance your holiday revenue.

4. Flexibility Training: Preparing for Increased Demand
The holiday season can be chaotic, with clients clamouring for appointments and last-minute bookings. Your team must be ready to handle the surge in demand. Implement flexibility training to ensure staff can adapt to changing schedules and cater to client needs efficiently. Remind your team of contingency plans in place, such as emergency appointments and support from fellow staff members. This training prepares your team to handle the increased workload, maintain a positive client experience, and manage any unexpected challenges that may arise.

In conclusion, these three impactful training sessions – product knowledge, gift wrapping skills, and specific sales sentence training, along with flexibility training – will prepare your salon team for the busiest time of the year. By equipping your staff with the necessary skills and knowledge, you can ensure that they deliver exceptional service, boost retail and gift card sales, and effectively manage the demands of the holiday rush. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on your salon’s performance results, making the holiday season a profitable and successful time for your business.

Nergish can be contacted for her impactful shirt online training courses via email For questions on how to apply for your PHAB Service Star (described by many as the Michelin Stars equivalent in hair & beauty) visit

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